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Call me LandLORD, Bitch. [entries|friends|calendar]
雅 -miyavi-

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[23 Sep 2004|10:26pm]
What to say.. what to say... I've been busy and don't want to talk about it. People, drama, chocolate. I'll update later..
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net troubles! [19 Sep 2004|10:57pm]
(( OOC: Sorry Ashlin, Diana, Jenelle. I am having internet problems. Lets work on the rps tomorrow. I can't even get on aim with out it crappying out x_x;; and it won't let me download rock the planet PV X_X;; *dies*))
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Oresama, the journal of your lord. [17 Sep 2004|11:04pm]
I had a long day, I'll rant about when I'm not yelling at complete morons. Gackt is a prissy little bitch who needs to be slapped real good by Hyde.. and Hyde stand up for yourself. In that relationship you really shouldn't be the uke. I swear.. all those facial exercises Gackt does in public! Like he is growling at something. It has to be from testosterone injections. I think.. Hyde had to have asked to be on top next time, hahaha he probably couldn't hold himself up. Anyways, old man Sugi is surely crabby. He likes to pick on us youngin because he wants to eat our flesh for for youth. Rahhh, Sugi, Raggggh. I want to suck you blo... well actually nothing of yours. Nao has been screeching at me again. I know he is upset and wants more from me, but we talked about this several times. I'm not his boyfriend. We never said we wouldn't see other people. It's my job to mess around for holy's toshiy's sake! Murr, don't get me wrong he is one of the few people I can stand around here.. After me and Minahoko were playing kart racing I found my way to Daidai's new pad. He had everything squared away it looks like. That boy can make some awesome brownies. I feel asleep over at his place.. I have to get used to his dog.. pfffst, dogs.. they are gross. Gackt's dog made all over the hall. He I watched him clean it up.. it was amusing... ha ha.
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Huzzah, [13 Sep 2004|05:58pm]
(( OOC: Alrightly lovely mun's if anyone would like to roleplay with dear old Miyabootie feel free. I'd really like to get to know you all since you're going to be the king's dearest subjects. My AIM contact in on the information page. I would like to have all of yours for the ability to outside play and post in the community journal. Unless we are doing it differently? I'm in the process of getting a lovely journal layout and getting all set up. Oh and Sugi-mun, Sugizo is so going to gravel for that cute little profile discription. :D
Have a nice day~))
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